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How to Probate a Washington Decedent's Estate

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How to probate a Washing Decedent's estate

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Answers to Three Popular Questions:

How to Probate a Washington Decedent’s Estate

My dad passed away recently and his estate is just north of the small estate amount. I am doing the probate myself and your web site is an amazing resource. I’ve filed my initial petitions without a hitch and expect the rest to go as you’ve described. Thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to put the site together; it is a fabulous resource for those of us who are self-helpers.  Yakima County

Thank you for all the help on my probate. I filed my completion of probate paper this Wednesday, so 30 days from now, it’ll all be done. You and your website were of enormous help. Again, thank you much.   Mason County

You have quite a comprehensive site. I referred to the section about reopening a probate. Your content was very helpful.   Lawyer, King County

My Dad died last month, and your site has provided me with a wealth of information. Even though I hired a Paralegal with a rusty background, your site has guided both of us through this uncertain territory and everything is going very well. Thank you for this service. You have made a world of difference for us. I just wanted you to know that what you are doing matters a great deal.   Kitsap County

My mother died in February and the lawyer who had drafted her Will had also died. While looking for another lawyer, I began researching what it entailed to probate a Will and found your amazing site. I completed the forms on a Thursday night and went down to the King County Superior Court on a Friday morning and by lunchtime I had successfully completed the process.   King County

My wife and I have just finished the “walk it through the court” initiation of a probate of my mother-in-law’s estate. It went very well with the help of this site. We found the people at the King County Courthouse very helpful, too.  We appreciate the resource for a process that was at first daunting.  Armed with information and all the needed forms from your website, we were able to conduct our business in an hour of only mild confusion rather than being totally lost and frustrated.   King County

I thought you might enjoy this as I used the forms from your site.  I went in [to court] today and filed my petition to be on tomorrow’s docket.  Then I sat in the back of the courtroom to see this court’s procedures and be ready for tomorrow.  The commissioner cleared the few people in the court and asked me what I was doing there.  I told him I was just observing so as to be ready the next day.  He asked if I had all my papers with me and I told him yes. He told me to give everything I had to the clerk and wait in the lobby.  I gave her my order, letters, oath, and notice to creditors.  Five minutes later he came out and told me to go to the clerks office and get my copies.  I asked him if we were through.  He said we were, so I thanked him, got all my copies, and left.  Total time spent, 35 minutes.  Experience, priceless.   Clallam County

My brother recently passed away leaving an intestate estate slightly in excess of $200K despite my frequent urging for a Will.  Anticipating that this would occur, I had intended to handle the probate myself.  Your website and some outstanding people at the King County Regional Justice Center were extremely helpful in allowing me to accomplish this with a minimum of lost effort.  The capability to manipulate the on-line forms using a word processor was … invaluable.  Thank you very much for the tremendous effort you expended in developing the probate website.   King County (Kent)

Thank you so very much for distributing the probate forms and basic information to help me navigate the probate path as a pro se litigant in a solvent testate estate.  I have so far concluded the initial motion hearing and a second hearing to admit the Will to probate.  I now have my Letters and am proceeding through the real work of fulfilling the requirements to close the probate in a few months.  The real lesson I’ve learned from wa-probate.com is that I can learn the basics, and even the intermediate to advanced steps, by simply following the planned … stages of completion.  I will not hesitate to contact you for a consultation if the need arises.  Again, many thanks.   King County (Kirkland)

[Thank you] for your rapid and extremely informative response to my inquiry regarding ancillary vs. domiciliary probate. You have been tremendously helpful in my comprehension and ability to pursue this matter in an intelligent fashion.   King County

Thank you for saving me an enormous amount of aggravation and hassle. I’m getting ready to close a probate on Camano Island … without any problems thanks to your great website.   Island County