How to Probate a Washington Descendant's Estate ---
To "Do It Yourself" without a Lawyer

Washington Probate Instructions

How to Probate a Washington Decedent’s Estate for those who have never set foot in a Courthouse

Probate Instructions Sitemap

1st Question: Is a Probate Necessary?

The Seven Probate Instruction Alternatives:

    1. Small Estate Affidavit
      (For up to $100,000 of Personal Property only)
    2. Adjudication Proceeding
      (Determines “Who Gets What” but No Personal Representative Appointed)
    3. Traditional Probate with Nonintervention:
    4. An Insolvent Decedent’s Estate
      (More debts than assets)
    5. Administering Nonprobate Assets
      (Assets that pass “Outside of Probate”)
    6. Election upon the Death of an Intestate Ward
      (Rare: Decedent has a Guardianship & dies without a Will)

If you are unclear about which of the above is right for you, see: Is a Probate Necessary?