How to Probate a Washington Descendant's Estate ---
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Consumer Information

Washington Law Libraries

Many of the above articles and books are likely available at law libraries that are open to the public in Washington:

Legal Advice

If you have a question regarding your specific situation or circumstance or otherwise believe that you could benefit from legal discussion or advice, WASHINGTON PROBATE urges you to engage a lawyer in your locale.  You can find an attorney through your local Yellow Pages, your state or county bar association, or a resource such as the Internet.  Most local (ie, County) Bar Associations sponsor a Lawyer Referral Service, which provides members of the public with one or more names of local lawyers who are experienced in and accept LRS-referred clients having specific legal issues, such as those dealing with probate.

The King County Bar Association, for example, sponsors a Lawyer Referral Service.  It receives some 50,000 inquiries annually, and its panels include some 350 local lawyers covering the panoply of legal concerns.  You may learn more about and contact them through any of the following:

KCBA LRS Website
Telephone: 206 267-7010
1200  5th Ave # 600
Seattle, WA 98101

Links to Other Pertinent Legal Websites