How to Probate a Washington Descendant's Estate ---
To "Do It Yourself" without a Lawyer

Administering Joint Tenancy Assets

While use of Joint Tenancy form for holding title to property should result in the avoidance of a probate for that asset in the estate of the deceased Joint Tenant, a surviving Joint Tenant will generally need to take the following steps regarding the joint tenancy property:

  1. Real Property: To clear title to the real property:
    1. Record a certified copy of the Decedent’s death certificate with the Auditor/Recorder in every county in which the Decedent owned real property held in joint tenancy form.
    2. Execute and deliver a Joint Tenancy Affidavit regarding property passing as a result of the Joint Tenancy to every real estate title insurance company that insures title to any real property held by Decedent in Joint Tenancy form: “Lack of Probate” Affidavit — Joint Tenancy, for Title Insurance Company form
  2. Financial or Securities Account: To remove Decedent’s name from the account:
    1. Deliver a certified copy of Decedent’s death certificate to the institution.